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1介绍和功能概述. 本文档介绍了AUTOSAR CAN网络管理(CanNm)的概念,核心功能,可配置功能,接口和配置问题。. AUTOSAR CAN网络管理是一个独立于硬件的协议,只能在CAN上使用(有关限制,请参阅第4.1章节)。. 它的主要目的是协调网络的正常运行和总线休眠模式. AUTOSAR. This paper describes importance of AUTOSAR accep-tance tests and design of acceptance test suite. It explains the relationship between acceptance and interoperability, interoperability of ECUs in a vehicle, and the need to avoid diverging acceptance test standard by the ECU supplier in their engineering process. 2.1. esign of AUTOSAR.

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